Beyond A Song: Tyson Meade

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This interview was featured on Beyond A Song.

Host Rich Reardin talks with singer/songwriter and ‘Godfather of Alternative Rock’, Tyson Meade.

Often cited as The Godfather of Alternative Rock, Meade was the vocalist for Norman, OK based rock band Chainsaw Kittens, along with Defenestration. Meade was cited by Kurt Cobain as an influence, friends The Flaming Lips covered Tyson’s song ‘She’s Gone Mad,’ and Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins credits the Chainsaw Kittens as one of his favorite bands, writing Meade during the recording of the SP album ‘Gish’ to express his appreciation. Meade released his debut solo album, ‘Kitchens and Bathrooms,’ in 2005, following with the albums ‘Motorcycle Childhood’ and ‘Tomorrow In Progress,’ with the latter being recorded and produced during Meade’s extended stay in Shanghai, where a young violinist named Haffijy reignited Meade’s passion for music. Meade was eager to explore a further musical collaboration with Haffijy. “I became very curious as to how he might score a song still in development, one that I had no preconceived notions about, one that I had just written — though I had not written any songs in some years at that point,” Meade says. “I was now driven to write a song.” The result was “Stay Alone” which became the catalyst for the entire China project.  Meade played the song for some of his Western music friends, including fellow Norman-based, alt-rockers the Flaming Lips (who covered the Chainsaw Kittens’ “She’s Gone Mad”), Jimmy Chamberlain of Smashing Pumpkins, Maria McKee, and Other Lives (Meade has previously collaborated with Other Lives’ Jesse Tabish and the Flaming Lips’ Derek Brown on a project called Winter Boys).  After hearing “Stay Alone,” these friends became interested in being a part of this unique, cross-cultural project and have agreed to contribute to this record as well. Meade will return to Shanghai this July and begin work with various high schools and universities both there and in the United States for the project. His goal is to write and record at least a dozen tracks, which he will release as an album next year. A series of live performances is also in the works. “I lived in China for five years and every Chinese person that I ever encountered is wonderful,” says Meade. “They love America and Americans and I would love for America to love them back. I want the people who hear this project to hear their jubilation for living and for mankind in general.” Tyson Meade is an American musician, painter, writer, and teacher from Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Meade has recorded more than a dozen critically acclaimed records for major and indie labels since 1984 with his bands Defenestration and the Chainsaw Kittens, whose 1991 debut SPIN magazine described as “The Smiths meets the New York Dolls meets the devil.” He’s also released records as a solo artist and has contributed songs to the soundtracks for “Hellraiser III,” “Clerks” and “Bug.” The new album, ‘Robbing The Nuclear Family,’ is out early 2017 on Jett Plastic.

Musical selections include: Jump Punks, When We Were, Postcard From Heaven, Watch the Hearts Break, Moneywagon, Pop Heiress Dies, High In High School

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