Chainsaw Kittens

Chainsaw KittensOften referred to as “The best-kept secret in rock music” or “Arguably the best American band who you aren’t listening to,” Chainsaw Kittens predated and outlasted the other 1990s alternative rock acts with its own marvelous, energetic blend of glam-damaged energy, theatrical extremity, and punk rock basics. Fronted by Tyson Meade, former lead singer of Defenestration, the Oklahoma-based group came together in early 1989, shortly thereafter signing to the Mammoth label (eventually Lionsgate). Initially partnering on guitar with Mark Metzger, but working thereafter with band stalwart Trent Bell, Meade and company released a debut, Violent Religion, to critical acclaim.

That freshman effort led to Billy Corgan suggesting to Butch Vig that he produce Kittens’ sophomore release, 1992’s Flipped Out in Singapore, which helped to heighten the group’s profile and fan base. After a few line-up changes, a follow-up EP in 1993, Angel on the Range, introduced what would finally be a stable rhythm section for the band, bassist Matt Johnson and drummer Eric Harmon. Mammoth’s tie-up with Atlantic gave a boost to what should have been the band’s breakthrough, 1994’s John Agnello produced, Pop Heiress. The hoped-for smash didn’t materialize, but music critics and fans alike continued to purrrrr and fawn over the group as they kept on, issuing a self-titled album (also known as Oklahoma Speedway) in 1996 on Scratchie. The Kittens then took an extensive break while its members pursued other musical and personal work before returning in 2000 on Four Alarm with The All-American. The band reunited in 2008 to ignite the first annual Norman Music Festival, a festival that now thrives.


Violent Religion

Release Date: 1990
Label: Mammoth

Violent Religion is the debut album by the Chainsaw Kittens and was released in 1990. Tracks:
  1. Bloodstorm
  2. Skinned Knees (Kittens Theme)
  3. Boyfriend Song
  4. Mother (Of The Ancient Birth)
  5. I'm Waiting (Leeanne's Song)
  6. Here At The End
  7. Bliss (We're Small)
  8. Feel Like A Drug Store
  9. Savoir Boyfriend Collides
  10. Violent Religion
  11. Death-Out At Party Central
  12. She's Gone Mad

Flipped Out in Singapore

Release Date: March 10, 1992
Label: Mammoth

Flipped Out in Singapore is the second album by the band Chainsaw Kittens, released in 1992. Tracks:
  1. Connie, I’ve Found the Door
  2. High In High School
  3. 2nd Theme / Flipped Out In Singapore
  4. My Friend Delirium
  5. She Gets
  6. Never to Be Found
  7. Shannon’s Fellini Movie
  8. When You Shoot
  9. Hold
  10. Ezekial Walks Through Sodom
  11. Angels Self Destruct

Pop Heiress

Release Date: March 8, 1994
Label: Atlantic/Mammoth

Pop Heiress is the third studio album by the Chainsaw Kittens and was released in 1994. It was produced by John Agnello over five weeks at NRG Studios and Kiva West Studios in North Hollywood and Encino, CA. Tracks:
  1. Sore On the Floor
  2. Loneliest China Place
  3. Pop Heiress Dies
  4. Closet Song
  5. Dive Into the Sea
  6. Burn You Down
  7. I Ride Free
  8. Silver Millionaire
  9. Media Star Hymn
  10. Soldier On My Shoulder
  11. Justine Find Heaven
  12. We're Like

High in High School

Release Date: 1992
Label: Mammoth

  1. High In High School
  2. Connie, I've Found the Door
  3. Couple #23
  4. Stuck
  5. One
  6. Walk Softly

Chainsaw Kittens

Chainsaw Kittens

Release Date: October 15, 1996
Label: Mercury/Scratchie

Chainsaw Kittens (also known as Oklahoma Speedway) is the fourth LP by the Chainsaw Kittens released in 1996. Tracks:
  1. Dorothy's Last Fling
  2. Heartcatchthump
  3. Tongue Trick
  4. King Monkey Smoke
  5. Bones in My Teeth
  6. Waltz Across Debris
  7. Ballad of Newsman 5
  8. Mouthful of Glass
  9. The Leash
  10. Bicyclehead
  11. All (No Surprise)
  12. Sounder
  13. Mad Hatter's Blues
  14. Speedway Oklahoma