Tyson Meade Releases New Single, “P.S. Nuclear Forrest Dance Boogie”

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Tyson Meade Releases New Single, “P.S. Nuclear Forrest Dance Boogie”

It’s official, Tyson Meade is back. The alt-rock pioneer, whose early works inspired the sound of groundbreaking bands like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins, just dropped a new single “P.S. Nuclear Forrest Dance Boogie” that will have you reminiscing the early days of U2 and the Pixies.  The spacey progressive guitar work tangles brilliantly in the mix with the subtle synth work that lends this track it’s pop / dance groove for which it is titled.

The former Chainsaw Kittens frontman weaves us in and out of a trance like dreamscape, while clinging tightly to the post pop rhythm that drives the song between with a mix of acoustic and programmed drum sounds. The church choir-esche vocals ringing in the reverb almost gives the song a vibe you might expect from Radiohead.

The song crescendos after the bridge with an anthemic chant that tastes of the early groans of a rebel political uprising, then drifts away out of view like the deep sigh of relief one might breathe when fresh on the heels of a narrow escape from pending disaster.

Tyson Meade is on the verge of a new horizon. While respecting his alt rock roots as a pioneer of the genre, he still finds ways to push the envelope of using song to paint beautiful images in the minds of the listener. Whether rocking the stage with the likes of Iggy Pop or Jane’s Addiction, covering Bowie with the help of Billy Corgan, or traveling in time to the 60’s to parody the post WW2 generational ideology of the nuclear family being infiltrated by radicals (by dropping pop punk atom bombs on our parents), Tyson guarantees to satisfy your appetite for creativity.

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