Kingblind Reviews Tomorrow in Progress

Posted by Bill on May 20, 2014 Blog | Tags: , , | One comment

Kingblind Logo reviews Tyson’s new album, Tomorrow in Progress.

This lovely album is a fever dream, an emotional travelogue, a slice of pop history that is also very NOW. Written in the wilds of Shanghai, the constraints of Saudi Arabia and the familiarity of Oklahoma, Tomorrow in Progress is simultaneously far reaching and still very close to the bone.

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  • Kevin Moore said on May 22, 2014 12:13 am

    I pre-ordered this album mostly because I am a raving fan of Tyson’s from his days with Defenestration and the beloved Chainsaw Kittens. He is not a close friend, but a friend nonetheless. I met him a long time ago when he used to sell me records at a record store and I have recently connected with him through social media and a love of music. When I found out he was moving back to the states and recording music, I decided to start a fanclub and reached out to him on the internet. i am so glad I did! Not only have I been able to see him live and experience his music again, i have gained a good friend. I love his new album and even though I just received it yesterday, i have played it several times over. It is thoughtful….moving…and wonderful! When i listen to it, it is like an old friend coming home to see me. I know I will listen to it many times more and I will always be thankful that he took the time to respond to me when i reached out to him and I will be grateful that he started to feel the love of recording music again. This album is simply beautiful and the world is a better place having Tyson Todd Meade writing songs for us to hear, listen to, and feel. To those who say music is dead, i say…..listen to this album!

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